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Fusion Safety Incorporated is excited to announce that we have now partnered with Inter Provincial Safety Resources Inc. (IPSR), a First Aid provider in Alberta for over 20 years, to introduce a new, government approved Alberta Standard First Aid blended learning course, one of the first of its kind! This new and innovative teaching model is in addition to our existing training partnerships with The Canadian Red Cross and St. John Ambulance. We strive to give our valued clients as many options as possible of the highest quality courses available.

Online theory plus in-class practicum

This course offers comprehensive First Aid theory online followed by a 7 hour in-class practicum and examination.

Approved by the Government of Alberta Ministry of Human Service, participants will receive Standard First Aid certification upon successful completion of both the online and practical sessions of the Alberta Standard First Aid blended learning course.

View the Government of Alberta approval.

Why choose a blended learning model?

Consistent online theory. Information is delivered the
   same way every time.
Less downtime and easier scheduling. With online
  theory completed anytime and anywhere, in-class time is
  cut by half, saving both time & money!
Self-paced learning. Learners aren't affected by the
  pace of their peers.
Verifiable competency. The online course system
   includes easy access to test results and Proof of
   Completion certificates.

A brief overview of the blended program process:

1. Contact Fusion Safety with number of trainees and
    receive invitation code to begin training. Classroom
    session to be scheduled once process begins.
2. Students will begin training, work through all sections
    and upon successful completion, print off certificate
3. Students bring online certificate to classroom day
4. Written entrance exam given the day of training
5. Practical session takes place
6. Upon successful completion, students receive Standard
    First Aid certificate, valid for 3 years.

Click here to get a more detailed outline of the blended training process.


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