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Detailed breakdown of how the program works:

1. As the company representative, you decide how many students to put through the program, contact Fusion Safety with that number and schedule in the practical session day (within 90 days, but preferably within 30 days).

2. You will then receive an access code valid for the number of students specified to forward on to each student.

3. The students each go to the Fusion Safety website www.fusionsafety.com and sign in for the course and begin immediately.

4. The program is divided into separate lessons, each one ending with a series of exam questions. A mark of at least 80% must be obtained on each section before moving on to the next. These lessons do not all need to be completed in one sitting - they can leave and sign back into the system as often as they wish.

5. Once the student has successfully completed all of the online sections, they will print off a Certificate of Completion. This certificate must be brought to the classroom session with them as proof of completion - they cannot attend the classroom day without it.

6. On the classroom training day, class begins with an entrance exam to refresh their knowledge and also to ensure compliance to the online training (in other words, the student attending the skills training is the same person who went through the online course).

7. The practical skill session will be a highly active, hands-on day that includes instructor demonstration of skills, followed by student practice. Skills include: Choking and CPR skills for adults (persons 8 years of age and older), care for breathing emergencies (use of an Epi-Pen and Twinject auto injector as well as an inhaler for asthma attacks), recovery position, secondary survey, bandaging various wounds & bleeding as well as impaled objects, splinting of both upper and lower body injuries, the log roll for suspected spinal injuries and 2 exciting scenarios in which the students get to put together all of their knowledge and deal with life-like emergencies on a larger scale.

8. Once the practical session has been successfully completed, along with the written exam, the student will be presented with a Standard First Aid certificate which is valid for 3 years.

9. As the employer, you have the option of adding in the following to the practical session day: AED (Automated External Defibrillation) training and/or child & infant airway and CPR skills. There will additional time required to complete this training as well as a slight additional cost to cover equipment and separate certification. Contact us for further details and pricing.



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